The Greatest Day Double Vinyl

The Greatest Day Double Vinyl

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Jake Shimabukuro's 2018 release The Greatest Day pressed on 180 gram double vinyl


1. Time of the Season 
Writer: 1968 (Rod Argent) 
Marquis Songs USA (BMI)

2. The Greatest Day
Writer: 2017 (Jake Shimabukuro)
Uke Ox Publishing (BMI)

3. Eleanor Rigby
Writers: 1966 (Lennon/McCartney) 
Sony ATV Tunes/Northern Songs (PRS)

4. Pangram
Writers: 2017 (Jake Shimabukuro/Nolan Verner) 
Uke Ox Publishing (BMI)

5. Bizarre Love Triangle
Writers: 1986 (Gilbert/Hook/Morris/Sumner) 
Universal-Polygram/Vitalturn Co. Ltd. (PRS)

6. Straight A’s
Writers: 2017 (Jake Shimabukuro, Nolan Verner) 
Uke Ox Publishing (BMI)

7. If 6 Was 9
Writer: 1968 (Jimi Hendrix) 
Experience Hendrix LLC (BMI) 

8. Shape of You
Writers: 2017 (Sheeran/Mac/Burruss/Cottle/McDaid/Briggs) 
Universal Polygram/Rokstone Music Ltd/Sony ATV Songs/Samp-UK Ltd. (PRS)/EMI April Music/Kandacy Music/Tiny Tam Music/Air Control Music (ASCAP)/Songs of Windswept Pacific/Hitco Music/Shak’em Down Music Inc/WB Music Corp/Tony Mercedes Music (BMI)/Warner-Tamerlane Publishing/Pepper Drive Music (ASCAP)/Spirit B-Unique Polar Patrol Songs (BMI)

9. Go for Broke
Writer: 2017 (Jake Shimabukuro) 
Uke Ox Publishing (BMI)

10. Little Echoes
Writer: 2017 (Jake Shimabukuro) 
Uke Ox Publishing (BMI)

11. Mahalo John Wayne
Writer: 2017 (Jake Shimabukuro/Brian Shepard) 
Uke Ox Publishing (BMI) 

12. Hallelujah
Writer: 1967 (Leonard Cohen)

Sony/ATV Songs LLC (BMI) 

1. Use Me (feat. Dave Preston) (Live 2018)
Writer: 1972 (Bill Withers) 
Songs Of Universal/Interior Music Corp. (ASCAP)

2. Dragon (Live 2018)
Writer: 2018 (Jake Shimabukuro) 
Uke Ox Publishing (BMI)

3. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Live 2018)
Writer: 1968 (George Harrison) 
Harrisongs Ltd/Penny Farthing Music

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